I am the instructor for STAT 545 in 2022W1: a graduate course that teaches students how to write a clean and modern data analysis. You can find out more about STAT 545 by visiting the course website.

I may have available STAT 548 qualifying projects: see this page.

Letters of recommendation

If I have not already agreed to write you a letter:

Please email me at least a month before your first application deadline to ask whether I would be willing to write you a reference letter. Here is how I decide whether to say yes or no.

I almost always accept requests if I am able to provide a strong letter. However, it is impossible for me to write a strong letter unless we have regularly interacted. Your graduate application should ideally include at least one strong letter.

If we did not interact regularly, but you achieved top scores in my class, then I can provide a “took a class with me” type letter. These types of letters are generally viewed by the graduate admissions committee as somewhere between lukewarm and moderately strong, depending on how much supporting detail I can provide.

If I have already agreed to write you a letter:

I need a single email from you at least two weeks notice before the first deadline containing the following information:

  • Basic logistical information:

    • What name do you prefer for the letter (so that I don’t use Sue for Suzanne or vice-versa)?
    • Which pronouns (eg she/her, he/him, they/them) do you prefer?
  • A list of all positions to which you are applying along with deadlines for each.

  • A recent CV or resume and an unofficial transcript.

  • Answers to the following questions:

    • For what class(es) have I been your instructor for and how did you distinguish yourself in those class(es)? (Please note that if I have already agreed to write you a letter, then that means you likely have excellent test scores etc, and that information will already be in your letter.) Did we have any notable interactions I should highlight?

    • What makes me especially qualified to write a letter for you, compared to other faculty you could have asked?

If it is 2-3 days before my letter is due and I have yet to upload it, then please send me a reminder email. These types of reminder emails are not a burden to me at all - I would feel terrible if your application were to be thrown out because I failed to upload, so let’s work together to make sure that doesn’t happen.